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The Gallery at Giclée...

When we renovated our space in January 2024, we intentionally created a wall space where we can proudly display original works of local artists in a mini-gallery. These pieces may include original paintings, photography, digital designs, and even 3D art pieces. Stop in each month as we change out the pieces, and get to know some of our local artists!

Artists of the Month

Tara Hengeveld
Minoo Khanbabai
Maureen Solomon
Drew Wordell

Behind the Scenes At Giclée

In January 2024, the space at Giclée went under a big transformation to create a clean and classy look with the intention to not only print and frame artists' work, but to display it in a beautiful environment as well. We freshened up the walls with bold blacks, rearranged the work spaces with a focus on efficiency + productivity, and to no surprise- our own coffee corner came of it!

Come enjoy a cup with us sometime as we discuss your next project.

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