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Art Digitization

Whether you're looking to replicate, archive, or enhance your original artwork. We are here to take your artwork into the next level in your artists' journey.

Pricing varies depending on the size of the original artwork. So, break out that ruler, and either a calculator or trusty pen and paper. It's all about the square inches. Multiple your Length x Width.

176 sq/in or less
352 sq/in or less
528 sq/in or less
704 sq/in or less
880 sq/in or less
1056 sq/in or less
1232 sq/in or less
1408 sq/in or less
1584 sq/in or less
1760 sq/in or less
1936 sq/in or less
2112 sq/in or less
2288 sq/in or less
2464 sq/in or less
Premiere Art Digitization

Includes professional digitization, with proofing, to ensure the colors print as accurate to the original as possible. May include minor photo restoration, and/or colorization of black and white photographs. Digital files available upon request.

Our proofing process involves printing small versions of the art piece and color matching them to the original. Proofing is often done on the preferred media type that you want them printed on, this ensures the most accurate print reproduction. Often times this process can take multiple iterations but we are committed to matching the print version to the original as best as humanly possible.

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